1. Type of hack: Anything. Mobile, Web, Desktop, Hardware.
  2. Fresh Code: Your app must be coded at the hackathon to be eligible for prizes. You can use open source libraries, follow tutorials, bring mockups and anything else you need. However you must code the actual app at the hackathon. We won't be actively policing this during the event, this rule is based off of a trust system.
  3. Ownership and IP: Teams have full ownership of everything they build at the event.
  4. Team size: Teams may not have more than 4 members.
  5. Presentations: If your app is selected as a finalist, you will present in front of everyone & our panel of judges during our final ceremonies.
  6. Judging & Winning: Everyone's apps will be judged upon their concept, design work as well as completeness.
  7. Each group's app will be judged by 2 judges initially to select finalists. After finalists have been chosen the full panel of judges will judge them during their presentations to determine final winners.
  8. Power: Please do not plug in your own power bars throughout the event because the tutorial rooms can only take so many laptops connected at once and we don't want to blow a fuse. Also we may need people within teams to take turns charging depending upon turnout at the event.
  9. General Conduct: Please remember that we're working within the University of Toronto for the event and if there is any damages to property we won't be able to host these kind of events in the future.
  10. No alcohol at this event.